The JetSurf boards were born for fun. But the introduction of the Race model took JetSurfing to a whole new level. Racing is getting extremely popular and JetSurfers can now join the Motosurf World Cup and compete with the best racers from all around the world. The first round of the MSWC in 2018 takes place on the old continent at the beginning of June.

What is MotoSurf World Cup?

The International Federation of Motorized Surfing has created one of the most advanced, safe and affordable Motorsports in the world with the MotoSurf GP Race Championship.

The races attract the best riders from around the world, with teams travelling to compete in this thrilling contest of nerves, fitness and skill.


Check out the atmosphere of a previous MotoSurf World Cup race in Naples, Florida


The MotoSurf World Cup season starts on the old continent

In this five- episode series all around the world, the old continent has its own place in the circuit. Riders will fight for the World Cup points in their first race in the Czech Republic. Enjoy the video invitation!



You can look forward to seeing 48 riders in the men's class and 24 in the women’s.

A total of 22 nationalities will compete and there will be some famous personalities among the surfers. Jakub Kornfeil, a Moto3 competitor and current world champion in motosurfing, will race through the course, as well as the former New York Rangers hockey player, Peter Prucha.

Among the women, Anya Colley will not give in easily, as she has won the world championship in jet skis seven times. The beautiful Martina Bravencová comes to the competition as the current world champion, but Aneta Šacherová from Brno also hopes to make a comeback to the world throne.

Schedule of the next races

Central Europe is a bit too far to travel? We got you. That is why the MotoSurf World Cup takes place at 5 different locations on 3 continents this year. Check out the schedule of the following races:

Czech republic – Brno   7.-9. June  
Great Britain – Wyboston 22.-24. June 
China – Shanghai 20.-22. July
Korea – Busan 26.-28. July 
USA – Naples, Florida 26.- 28. October


Not feeling like a racer yet?

JetSurfing seems cool to you, but you don´t have racing ambitions yet? That is completely alright! JetSurf boards were born for fun and for everyday riding with friends.

Most of the JetSurfers enjoy their boards at any place with deep enough water. Imagine riding the JetSurf on sunny Miami beach, breathtaking Lake Powell, under the Golden Gate bridge or on the lake behind your house. The opportunities are endless.

The best part is that learning to ride the JetSurf is extremely easy and you will feel like a pro in less than a week.

Isn´t it time to secure your own JetSurf board for the summer season?



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